Get to Know Our Sisters

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Get to Know Our Sisters

Paige Costa

President, Publicity

Hey! My name is Paige Costa. I’m from Spring Grove, IL and I’m a double major in International Studies and Political Science with a double minor in Business and French. I joined Kappas to find not only my lifelong friends but also to find true sisters that will be there for you no matter what. So far, my favorite thing about Kappas is of course all of the wonderful people in it! Everyone is so supportive, loving, and just plain fun to be around. The minute I met the Kappas, I knew that is where I belonged. Their personalities and energy really stood out to me and I knew immediately I found my sorority. What I look forward to the most is spending the next 4 years in laughter, tears, and joy surrounded by my sisters. Contact:

Sami Van Dreese

Vice President, Alumni Liaison Co-Chair, Technology Chair

I'm Sami and I’m from Sturgeon Bay, WI. I'm a junior at SNC majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communication Studies. After college, my dream career would involve working with animals; maybe by opening up my own shelter. When I first came to college I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to join a sorority. My older sister is an alumni of KBG Theta Chapter so I knew how much she enjoyed being in a sorority, but I had no idea how important Kappas would become to me so quickly. As soon as I entered the Kappas' room during recruitment and talked to the girls I knew it was the group for me. What I love more than anything about my sorority is that the friendships I have made with my sisters are real. I know that if I need anything at all that any of these girls would drop anything for me, as I would do the same for each of them. I look forward to continuing to grow individually and within the group throughout my next couple years of college. If you are interested in learning more about our sorority feel free to email me or any of us with questions! :) Contact:

Julia Greco

Secretary, Service and Education Co-Chair, Sisterhood Development

Hey! My name is Julia and I’m from Chicago, Illinois! I’m a sophomore at St. Norbert College and I’m majoring in Early Childhood Education! I joined Kappas, because I instantly felt welcomed into the group once I started recruitment. All of the actives were so genuine with each other and made me wish that I could have that close of a bond with a group as well. That also leads into my favorite thing about Kappas, everyone is genuine with each other. I feel like I could rely on these girls for anything. I’ve only known these girls for three months and I already can’t imagine college without them! I’m most excited about getting to go through college with these girls by my side. We really are a family and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer us! The best thing that Kappas have given me is 27 new sisters! I love these girls more than I love Jimmy John sandwiches AND THAT MEANS A LOT. Contact:

Emilie Smith

International Liaison, Panhel Representative, MS Benefit Shadow

Hey! My name is Emilie, and I’m from Green Bay Wisconsin, which is only a little way from St. Norbert. I am an English major with minors in Communication Studies and Spanish. I was really worried about making a strong group of friends during my Freshman year of college but Kappas took away all of those worries. As soon as I walked into the room on the first day of recruitment I felt so comfortable and I just didn’t want to leave. The girls all seemed so close, and that was what I wanted from my friends. After pledging, I can say that I gained this. I have the most amazing group of girls that I do everything with. I have had so many great laughs and whenever I’m with my new sisters I cannot keep the smile off my face. I am so excited to further develop these relationships in the years to come and to make some great memories! Contact:

Abby Murphy

Treasurer, Recruitment Co-Chair, Fundraising Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Abby and I am from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I am a junior at SNC and I'm a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance. I joined Kappas to find both a way to incorporate service into my busy schedule and also to find people I could see myself being friends with forever. Coming into college I didn't exactly find my "place" on campus, but after finding kappas I have never felt more at home. My favorite thing about Kappas would definitely be the fact that we are such a close knit group and I can count on any of these ladies no matter what the circumstance. The friendships i've made these past years will last a lifetime and I can't wait to make so many more these next two years. Contact:

Kristin Schill

New Member Educator, Homecoming Co-Chair, Panhel Representative

Hi! My name is Kristin and I’m from Campbellsport, Wisconsin. I am currently majoring in Psychology. After school, I plan to move out west and continue my education by going to graduate school. I joined Kappas because I really wanted a family away from my family and I could immediately tell the Kappa girls were just that. I am more than excited to spend the next four years with these amazing girls that I am lucky enough to call my sisters. They have already shown me what it is like to have real family by your side, no matter what, and I am so thankful for that. I know that when I look back on college, my best and most cherished memories will be with my sisters. Contact:

Paige Jaeger

Weekend Co-Chair

This is Paige! "Somewhere along the way, Kappas became so much more to me than I ever imagined it would. I signed up for recruitment so I could meet new people and get involved on campus. I never expected that the new people I was meeting would soon become my best friends. & now so many moments with them have become some of my greatest memories. Thinking of all of our mixers, Special Olympic and MS awareness events, study breaks, and nights that ended with laughing so hard that our cheeks hurt, I know that Kappas was the right decision for me. Contact:

Jamie Feest

MS Benefit Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Jamie, and I am a senior this year. My area of study is Communications. My junior year, I studied abroad in Rome, and fell in love with the experience! I look forward to meeting a new bunch of girls to add to this group that I enjoy so much! contact:

Morgan Eilers

MS Benefit Co-Chair

This is Morgan, she's a senior this year! "I initially wasn't planning on going through recruitment when I was a freshman. Coming from a farm, I didn't think there was any group on campus that I would fit into. My FYE mentor encouraged me to just go and try it out, and on the first night I fell in love with kappas. I have found lifelong friends in this group and I wouldn't change anything. Kappas has definitely made my time at Norbs so much more fun and I know that there are always people that have my back." contact:

Hannah Ramminger

Studying Abroad

My name is Hannah Ramminger and I am from Manitowoc Wisconsin. I am currently a junior at St. Norbert College and am studying Business Administration with a finance concentration and Economics. I joined Kappa Beta Gamma on a whim because I wanted to meet many new people on campus and stuck with it because I couldn't imagine going through college without these sweet and fun-loving people at my side. contact:

Heather Flannery

Corresponding Secretary

Hi! I'm Heather Flannery and from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am a Junior at St. Norbert College. My major is Elementary Education with possibly a minor in math. A fun fact about me is that I figure skate and I am the first person at my club to obtain four gold medals. They are in moves, dance, freestyle and solo free dance. I wanted to join Kappas because I wanted a close knit group of friends on campus I could always go to something for. My grandma was also in a sorority, so I thought it'd be fun! I was definitely right. I love spending with my sisters no matter what were doing! contact:

Madison Zilch

Weekend Co-Chair

Hi my name is Madison Zilch. I am a junior here at St. Norbert College and I am currently majoring in Accounting. I am from a really small town in Illinois called Hampshire. I joined Greek Life in general because I wanted to make more friends and I knew from both my sister’s experiences that joining a sorority would be the right thing because you will always have friends/sisters. I joined Kappas in particular because, yes my sisters were a part of Kappas, but besides that fact I just felt at home. I remember that first day of recruitment going into all the different rooms of sororities and Kappas being the only one that I instantly clicked with. The thing I love most about Kappas is that I can call or text anyone in the group to hangout and they wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. Every girl, and our ugly, brings something different to the group and I think that is why we mesh so well and always have the best times when we’re together. Kappa Beta Gamma is a second family to me and I couldn’t imagine my college life without them and I know that even after our college days have ended, they will still always be a part of my life. contact:

Beth Lensmire

Risk Management

Hi, my name is Beth Lensmire. I am from Mishicot, WI, and I am currently a junior at SNC. I am majoring in Business Administration and I am minoring in Political Science. I am also working toward getting my Pre-Law certificate, as I hope to be an attorney someday. My hobbies include cooking, reading, taking walks, and spending time with friends and family. I joined KBG to become involved in the campus/community and to make strong friendships. KBG has brought happiness and fulfillment to my college experience that I could never have imagined, and I realize this after only one year of membership. I enjoy knowing I can look to my sisters for help, advice, or a good laugh. I never expected to make such strong friendships within my first year at SNC, and I feel very blessed to have KBG in my life. The closeness of the group, the connection to the Greek community, and the opportunity to make a difference through community service are just a few reasons why I love KBG. contact:

Heather May

Studying Abroad

Hi my name is Heather May and I’m from Kewaskum, Wisconsin. I’m currently a Junior at Saint Norbert College and studying elementary education with a history minor. I never thought that I would join a sorority, or that I was the sorority type. After going to the involvement fair I decided to sign up for recruitment with a friend. After receiving my bid from Kappa Beta Gamma I was given one of the greatest opportunities of my life. Through joining Kappas I was able to form amazing friendships. One thing that I love about Kappas is the closeness of our group on campus, especially the closeness of my pledge class. After joining I enjoyed walking to class and having someone to say hi to, someone to eat lunch with, or cram for a final with. Kappas provided me with a family away from home. Your sisters become your best friends, your roommates, your dancing partners, and your greatest supporters. Joining a sorority allows you to form friendships that last a lifetime, it increases your involvement in the community, and gives you leadership experiences. Contact:

Tasha Dantoin


Hi! I’m Tasha and I’m from smalltown Pulaski, about 20 minutes northwest of Green Bay. I’m a sophomore at St. Norbert College majoring in Accounting and minoring in Economics. My plans for after graduation include getting my CPA and moving to California. My hobbies include swimming, singing, and drawing. I love to travel even though I don’t get to very often, I just love seeing new places. I’m currently a commuter so I didn’t make many friends on campus the first month of school. I decided to go through recruitment to see if maybe I could make some friends by joining a sorority. I ended up joining Kappas because when I was in the Kappa room during recruitment I felt the most comfortable. I’m not a very outgoing person so recruitment was quite overwhelming but the girls in the Kappa room made me feel welcome and like I could be myself. I’m really glad I made this decision because I’ve already found some great friends. I haven’t been a part of the group for long but I can already tell I made the right choice and that I’ll have many great times with my KBG sisters. Contact:

Maggie Thill

Social Chair, Homecoming Co-Chair

Hey! I’m from a town called Peshtigo, WI, about an hour north of De Pere. I’m majoring in elementary education with a concentration in math. My plans after school is to move to Oregon and find a teaching job. My hobbies are playing the piano, rollerblading, coloring, and playing with animals. My roommate and I weren’t close after the first month of school and I wanted a close group of core friends at school, so I decided to go through recruitment. I knew Kappas was for me after being in their room for only a short time. I could tell how close they were and how real they were being with me and that is what I was looking for in a sorority. What I have enjoyed most so far is all the laughs. I have never met a more entertaining and enjoyable group of girls. What I am looking forward to most is having more fun and memorable times with all my new sisters. I knew from day one and I am even more sure now that Kappa Beta Gamma is where I belong. Contact:

Mara Mandli


Hey! My name is Mara, and I’m from Racine Wisconsin, located right below Milwaukee. I am a sophomore at St.Norbert college and I’m majoring in Communication and double minoring in Business and English. Before I even decided to rush many of my older friends said that I’d fit in really well with the Kappas, and it just so happened that they were right!! As soon as I entered the room for the first time I knew right away that there was no other place for me. I loved how close the actives were and how much they knew about each other and even though it was day one and I hadn’t even gotten a bid from them yet I felt at home. I’ve never had such a close group of friends that I know I can go to for anything, and have all the support I could ever ask for. Even though it’s only been a few months with these girls I feel like I’ve known them forever; college is only the beginning for these friendships that I know will last a lifetime . I can honestly say that St.Norbert College wouldn’t be home if I wasn’t a Kappa Beta Gamma. Contact:

Kayleen Smeaton

Service and Education Co-Chair

Hey! My name is Kayleen, I’m a junior at St. Norbert majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am originally from Chicago, but now I live in Oak Park, IL, but I still consider that Chicago. I joined Kappas because I wanted to expand my friend group, I am usually the type of person who has a few close friends and I figured joining Kappas would help me meet some more amazing people. I definitely ended up with a bunch more friends, that I would do anything for. My favorite thing about Kappas so far is how close all of the girls are and that I know if I need anything I can count on any one of them. It was for this reason that I knew Kappas were the right group for me, I prefer to have really close friends, and I can tell that’s what the Kappa girls will be to me. I am really excited to get to know all my sisters better, I feel like I kinda know them right now, but I see the relationships they have with each other and I can’t wait to have that too, and to make many more great memories. Contact:

Morgan Renard

New Member

Hi! My name is Morgan Renard and I am from the small town of Luxemburg, WI. I am a freshman at St. Norbert College, and currently undecided on my major. My hobbies are doing literally anything outdoors, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I never would have thought I would join a sorority until I met the Kappas. Now I can say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I gained amazing friends. The Kappas are fun, caring, down to earth, and supportive. I am so excited to make endless memories with these lovely ladies. I wanted a close group of friends and I am lucky enough to have found them.

Danica Wendler

New Member

Hey! My name is Danica and I’m from Wittenberg, WI. I’m a sophomore at St. Norbert College and I’m majoring in psychology with a human services minor. I was part of the Gap Experience my freshman year, and coming off of that I felt like something was missing. As soon as I stepped into the Kappa room during recruitment I knew what I was missing...sisters! I joined Kappas because I wanted a family away from home, and these girls have quickly became that!

Lisa Beine

New Member

Hey my name is Lisa. I'm from Kohler, WI. I'm majoring in biology and minoring in business. If biology doesn't work out I want to become a professional sleeper. I really enjoy playing sports and doing anything crafty. I joined the kappas because I wanted to meet new friends and get involved!

Brianna Amore

New Member

Hey there, my name is Brianna, but you can just call me Bri! I come from Fredonia, WI which is about an hour or so southwest of campus. I am a freshman Honors student at St. Norberts who is currently undecided on a major, but has decided on a Spanish minor. I am a part of the Global U-Knighters club and the Discoveries International store on campus. Now let’s get to the fun stuff-In my free time, I love to go shopping, hangout with my friends and family, take part in outdoor activities, jam out to my fave tunes (at least I think I am a good singer, right?), and SPEND TIME CUDDLING WITH MY FOUR PUPPERS back home! Honestly, there are too many things that I enjoy doing to name because I believe it is about who you are doing the activity with rather than what it is you are doing. I never thought I would be a part of a sorority; however, it was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my college experience. There is a huge difference to me between friends and family and my Kappa Beta Gamma sisters have become just that-family! I cannot wait to continue to create unforgettable memories with my amazing sisters!

Anna Lipscomb

New Member

Hey! My Name is Anna and I'm a freshman at Norbs! I live in the country near West Bend, WI, which is about an hour and forty minutes from campus. I’m majoring in Business with a Communications/Marketing Minor and I’m hoping to go into Advertising. In my free time you can catch me watching the Office, listening to Ed Sheeran, doing various types of art, photography, and singing. I am involved in the choir at St. Norbert, and I am currently in Chamber singers. I am also in the Honors Program, and I am the Instagram Social Media Manager. I wasn’t planning on joining greek life, but I’m so glad I did! I was really missing the close friendships I had in high school, and joining Kappas has let me meet some really amazing ladies! I have already made some close friends, and I know I will make many more!

Sarah Lippens

New Member

Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m from a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan called Bark River. I’m currently a sophomore and majoring in Business Finance. After my freshmen year at SNC I had still felt like something was missing in my college experience, and after going through recruitment this year I found what it was, kappas! All the girls in this group are so genuine, caring, and funny. I can’t wait to make great memories with them for the next 3 years!

Emma King

New Member

Hey! I’m Emma King, a freshman here at St. Norbert College. I am currently a biomed major and I plan on either continuing on with the medical field or branching off into the veterinary field at some point during my education, I’ll figure it out someday! Along with Kappa's, I have an on-campus job here at Dales, and I play multiple intramural sports. I am originally from Waterford, Wisconsin... Well, I’m actually originally from Fairfield, Maine... To be completely honest with you I was born in Boise, Idaho and then moved when I was young and then moved again in high school. Basically, my life is nutso and I have lived in three states and let me tell ya, Wisco is my fav by far!! But the habits from the east and west coast followed me and in my free time you can find me hiking literally any elevation whether its small hills or mountains, at a “beach” (wisco beaches aren’t real beaches, but they work), chillin with my FAV DOGGOS Bentley and Boscoe, reading like it’s my job, sleeping, or eating. I always told myself I would never join a sorority, especially after my older sister became a sorority nutjob. But somehow I found my way to the Kappa’s and haven’t looked back. These girls have been the missing piece I needed for this school to feel more like home. I can’t think of spending the “best days of my life” with anyone else. The laughs, the closeness, the crying, the meaningful convos are honest to God priceless. I love this group with my whole heart and can’t wait to see where they take me in the next three years!